Virtually Irrelevant

I’ve recently started playing around with NextDNS and running their CLI client as my internal DNS resolvers. I’m really loving it. Centralized cloud management and full time coverage for phones when they come off network is pretty nice.

But considering I maintain Gravity Sync for Pi-hole, it feels a little bit like cheating on a girlfriend.

Are there people who actually meditate or is it just sleeping with style?

It’s been four days since I logged out of Twitter. I don’t want to make some grand pronouncement that I’ve quit, or make some official statement that I’m taking a break… but I will say that I’m not exactly missing it.

I want to go to a party at Captain Pike’s place.

I used the power outage today as an excuse to get my bigger rack installed in my network closet. I was going to wait until I ordered patch panels but I can drop them in later.

There’s something about waking up at 4:30 AM to heavy rain, thunder, a wide awake 9-month-old … and the faint sound of a failed UPS that happens to have your Synology attached to it. 🫣

To make matters worse the Synology has the database for the weather station on it so none of the rain data is being logged.

It’s going to take some fiddling with SSL options between and Cloudflare before things are totally sorted around here.

Welcome to Virtually Irrelevant.

Maybe that’ll be the name, or maybe I’ll work something else out. This is supposed to be complementary to my main website, Virtually Benevolent.

Eventually the domain will be I’m using a hosted instance of for the backend. The main site uses a hosted instance of Ghost.

The idea is the content here will be something between a full blog post and a tweet. You can subscribe to the site via your RSS reader of choice, or sign up for to comment.